TOSA Roadmap

The TOSA roadmap

TOSA Release summary and Roadmap

This page describes the release history of TOSA as well as the current roadmap.

Version Date Status Summary of key changes
0.20 2020-10-29 Released Base and Main inference specification initial draft
0.22 2021-03-23 Released Base inference specification improvements
0.23 2021-11-03 Released Base inference reference model released
0.30 2022-06-19 Released Base inference profile conformance tests released
Main inference floating point precisions added
0.40 2022-08-31 Released Move to machine readable xml specification for parameters
The arguments and data type sections are auto-generated
0.50 2022 Dec Released Addition of level specification (parameter ranges)
0.60 2023 Mar Released Main inference draft conformance specification
0.70 2023 Jun Released Improved use of XML specification version, refine floating-point precision requirements
0.80 2023 Sep Planning ERF/ARGSORT operators, Stateful operators
1.00 2023 Nov Planning Goals for v1.00:
- Base and Main inference profiles forward compatible for this release
- Base and Main inference reference model and conformance tests complete
- (Main training profile is expected still to be work in progress)
1.1 2024 July Concept TBD

Approximate quarterly release frequency from v0.30

Future release dates subject to change